Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Voluptuous Vixens"?

To make the hamster machines at the gym (i.e. cardio) less painful/boring I usually watch tv. The other day VH1 did a special on the 25 most voluptuous vixens.....um, I got where they were going with it...but it was kind of sad that hollywood no longer values curves. This isn't an excuse for people paid to be hot to get a little "soft" but when I think of the hottest, sexiest women....they've got a little meat to them. To illustrate my point...you would you like to slam more/harder....Eva Longoria or Eva Mendes?

Once upon a time, this was the hottest thing alive. Sex Goddess Jane Mansfield.

I don't think this is the hot I'm talking about....this is just big.

The one celebrity that embodies the curvy hottness is Scarlett Johanson. She is smokin and not at all plastic, over-tanned, over sculpted, over bleached...or super skinny.

She also has exceptional style....most people think of her red carpet attire, but I think her casual looks are pretty good too.

Plays up every curve perfectly.

But never looks trashy/over-exposed.

She perfectly the proportions her hair and accessories to her dresses.

Totally accentuates her best features.

And milky skin tone.

So hot, and doesn't even show anything....it just fits so well!

She makes even the most dowdy looks hot.

Scarjo looks great in any hair color as well.

More street style.

Even when she is "glammed" out she still keeps that classic look. Hollywood needs more of these.....


  1. OOooh YES Scarlett Johansson is the proud heiress of this "Vintage-like Curvalicious Sensuality", that She declines on such a "BOMBnextDoor-esque" way !!! So When we talk about "Sexy Freshness", I think that She ideally emBODYies it . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. i completely agree! she is gorgeous (:
    thanks for the sweet comment(: